There is a new form of fraud on the rise. Contactless fraud is a form of electronic pickpocketing that takes advantage of the technology found in new contactless payment cards.

Criminals use a technological device similar to the one found in normal credit card terminals you see at the store. They will place the device in range of your card and scan any information from it needed to take money from your account.

You should know that once a criminal has your information, they may not stop at only stealing money from you. They could decide to sell your information on areas like the Dark Web. There, other criminals can collect your details until they have enough information to commit identity fraud in your name.

How to Protect the Digital You

Well, outside of wrapping your credit cards in foil (which looks silly and may not even work) you can get an RFID blocking device.

ScoresMatter is proud to introduce Pocket Shield. Pocket Shield is an RFID blocking card that will protect the information in your RFID enabled devices.

You can simply place Pocket Shield near your RFID enabled cards and rest assure that your information is secure. It can protect information found in your payment cards, passports, ID cards, and any other RFID enabled device.

At 1.1mm you will hardly notice the card is even there.
How does it work?

Pocket Shield utilizes military grade technology to electromagnetically jam RFID signals. The card adapts the power of it’s jamming signal to ward off even the most powerful RFID scanners looking to target you. If you want to see it working just watch for the light on the bottom right corner.

The best part is you never have to worry about charging your card. The energy needed for performance is collected from any nearby RFID scanners. 

Don’t wait for your information to end up on the Dark Web. Protect the Digital You, with the ScoresMatter Pocket Shield.