Is the trade of data snowballing into a “data industrial complex”? Apple’s Tim Cook certainly seems to think so.

The CEO took his role as the keynote speaker of the 40th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners seriously as he provided his insight on matters surrounding the trading of data. Above all, he made sure to set his marks on how ad-tech companies are treating personal information and what changes we as a collective should opt for.

Our own information, from the everyday to the deeply personal, is being weaponized against us with military efficiency.

These scraps of data, each one harmless enough on its own, are carefully assembled, synthesized, traded and sold.

It is a valid view that aptly describes the growing practice. The idea that companies are creating profiles out of  “a bunch of algorithms” (as cook puts it) is no longer a secret. However, this wasn’t the only rising issue he acknowledged. Cook continued by offering his view of Artificial intelligence.

For artificial intelligence to be truly smart it must respect human values — including privacy. If we get this wrong, the dangers are profound. We can achieve both great artificial intelligence and great privacy standards. It is not only a possibility — it is a responsibility.

This view reflects what have become the concerns of many. Admonishing the path that A.I. is taking now could help deter repercussions in the future.

Besides explaining his views, Cook also provided steps that could help lead to a solution (specifically in the US). Citing UK’s achievement with GDPR, Cook recommended a similar approach for the US. The four steps include transparency, data minimization, the right to access, and the right to security. Each step would play a pivotal role in protecting privacy rights for all.

What you can do to control your data

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