The invention of the contactless card allows consumers to pay without hassle. A simple tap and you can be on your way. However, where there is innovation, there are those who look to extort it for their own personal gain.

According to the Daily Mail, criminals have discovered a way to compromise the information in contactless cards. With this information, there is a slew of options they can use it for. This Includes the ability to steal your identity.

The equipment needed to commit these crimes is available for as little as £30 online. These machines work even when concealed inside a shopping bag — which gives criminals the ability to target victims without them realising.

In the sites experiment, the range of the device was higher than anticipated. The expectation was that the device would need to make contact with the contactless card for it to work. Instead, they found the device worked at a range of up to 4 inches.

The device itself will usually only take around £30 out of an account. The true value comes from the information on the card. It can be vital within the compilation of details needed to commit identity fraud.

While this type of Fraud is still new, experts believe it will continue to grow. Criminals can head to the Dark Web to compile any of your details that are for sale. To make sure you are safe from this type of identity fraud make sure you are monitoring to see if your information is for sale on the Dark Web.

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