Today Marriot revealed that hackers we able to access their Starwood Hotel brand reservation database back in 2014. Since then an estimated 500 million guests have had their personal information leaked.

The breach was not discovered until Sept. 8. The company alerted regulatory authorities and law enforcement soon after discovering the breach.

Out of the 500 million, 327 million of the guests leaked information may include email addresses, phone numbers and even passport details. An undisclosed amount may also have had their credit card details exposed.

Marriot spokesman Jeff Flaherty made this statement

“We are still investigating the situation so we don’t have a list of specific hotels. What we do know is that it only impacted Starwood brands”

Affected customers should expect to begin receiving emails starting today.

Hotel groups, in general, have been frequent targets of these attacks. In the last year alone Hyatt Hotels and InterContinental Hotels fell victim to these attacks.

Were you a victim of this breach or any previous breach? If so, act now to see if your information is already for sale on the Dark Web.

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